I’m Anna Bradshaw, the conversion copywriter for happy brands.

I find the core messages that resonate with your ideal customers, and write the website & email copy that’ll have them clicking “buy” with confidence.

Story copywriting

Here’s my take on “story”:

Great stories are timeless.

Good stories don't need the latest schtick. The sassiest copy. The snazziest graphics.

And you don't either.

Your story speaks for itself - when you give it a clear voice.

Better yet, is telling your customer’s story and inviting them to make your brand a part of their story.

That’s what I’m here for.

To write the story that’ll have your customers feeling like you’re the only brand that “gets it.”

When you work with me, you’re not paying for words. You’re paying for data-driven strategy.

Copywriting isn’t just writing. It plays a huge role in sales - in fact, you could even think of your copy as your online salesperson.

Good copywriting pulls from data and relies on proven methods. The result: a message that truly resonates with your potential customers.

And that’s good news for you, and your bottom line!

When we work together, you’ll walk away with confidence - confidence that your communication is in sync with your prospects. That what you're saying is what they want to hear, what you're selling is what they want to buy, and what you're thinking is what they're feeling.

Content Strategist
I ... couldn’t make the time to write the content and I knew a professional would be able to write what I couldn’t. To put into words what I couldn’t.
— Katie Simopoulos - Owner of 97 Films
Copywriting for CPG Company

I believe in

•  Timely replies that keep the conversation moving

•  Clear beats clever... but you can be a little clever too

•  Exaggeration in copy is for the birds. We can do better than that 

•  Striving every day to be honest and kind - in business and in life

•  Taking time for ice cream

I’m not the one for you if

  • Your product offering doesn't brighten your customer's day

  • Your idea of a USP is “professional” (let me know if you want help getting past that to your true USP!)

  • You’re not comfortable ending a sentence with a preposition ;)

  • You're not sure what your business' core values are

  • You're not comfortable ending a sentence with a preposition ;)


Let’s do a quick intro

I love writing, research, and strategy. So much so, that I don't have any real hobbies - those are my work, annnnd also my free-time pursuit. So feel free to ask me anything about the latest marketing case studies.

I love spending time with my husband, going for walks on the beach (or on the sidewalk overlooking the beach. Because, you know, sometimes I’m don’t want to get sandy.

And of course: ice cream - gelato, froyo, artisan ice cream, store-brand ice cream... I love it all. And let's not forget the specialty of my home state of Wisconsin: frozen custard.

Ok now that you know a bit about me, let's talk about YOU! Your best coffee / ice cream recs, and how I can help you refine & clarify your business' story.  Send me an email or click below!


 Don’t let your momentum melt away… let’s dish up some new copy for your customers!


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