Practical Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs

2018 Holiday Gift Guide.png

It's holiday gifting time! Don't end up like me... scrambling at the last minute for the "perfect" gifts. Instead, let's give up the idea of perfection (unless you're amazing at choosing the perfect thing for each person on your list - if that's you, go you!!! But if that's not you, then give yourself some grace and remember that perfect is the enemy of good).

Here's a round-up of some practical presents any creative entrepreneur in your life is sure to love.

A year's subscription to Dubsado

All business owners need the same thing: more time. And services like Dubsado actually free up your time to work on your business... not just in it. So consider treating yourself, or a biz owner you know, to this amazing CRM system.

UPDATE: Dubsado’s prices are going up NEXT WEEK, so to lock in the current rates, join by 11/27 at 4:00 PM. And if you want additional savings, use this link with code SLAYTHEDAY to save 20% on your first month or year!! (And yes this is an affiliate link - the only one in this post)

A Signature Simplified Planner

There are paper planner people...and non-paper planner people. So know your audience on this one, but if your recipient is in the former category, this is an ideal option. The straightforward layout, thoughtfully designed details, and quality paper make it the small business owner's perfect desk companion. I started using it a few months ago and rely on it for keeping my days on track!

Pilot Precise V5 Pens

My new favorite pens. I used to love Sharpie pens but these are even better. Fine lines and easy-flowing ink make them perfect for jotting notes, updating your planner, or writing thank-you notes. Plus they come in a rainbow of colors for color-coding fun.

Blue Light Glasses

It's scary how much we're looking at screens these days. Shield your eyes with these blue light glasses. I don't wear mine all the time, but when I've got evening work sessions, these make my eyes noticeably less strained. Another potential benefit: helping you fall asleep faster once you've closed the laptop.

Seche Vite Top Coat

For all the girl bosses who work all day and night, and still want fabulous nails. This is the best top coat I've tried, and the magic of it is how quickly it dries. No more sheet marks after an evening mani! The high-gloss finish is lovely too. I recommend adding a coat every few days to keep your color going strong.

Social Squares Subscription

Have you ever discovered something so amazing you'd prefer no one else found out about it? That perfect hidden beach, or the softest sweater on sale? Well. SC StockShop photos fall into that category for me. I've always been hesitant about using stock photos...I wanted everything I posted on Instagram to be #authentic. But then I realized I was wasting a lot of time searching through my old files for relevant pictures, and even worse, I was skipping opportunities to post because I didn't have "good enough" pictures. Welp. This problem is now solved.

Canva Subscription

I was a little late to the Canva party, but now it's my go-to for creating any and all graphics with text. It's easy drag & drop interface makes it the quickest way to create professional looking headers and pictures for Pinterest, quotes for Instagram, and more. 

Starbucks Gift Card

If your recipients drink coffee, treat them to a latte with a gift card. Yes, this is the most generic item on this list. Yes, it is also the easiest to get on short notice. And you know what? Sometimes simple & easy is the best way to go.

Because remember that perfect is the enemy of the good. So if you're reading this on Christmas Eve, don't fret - just swing by Sbucks and cross shopping off your list.

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