The Best Podcast Episodes of 2018 for Creative Entrepreneurs

Best Podcast Episodes of 2018 for Creative Entrepreneurs.png

The Best Podcast Episodes of 2018 for Creative Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are a godsend for new creative entrepreneurs - in this information age, podcasts abound for each and every industry and niche. But our listening hours are limited! So I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite specific episodes of 2018 for y’all.

How to Stay Sharp and Inspired

On The Creative Well Podcast from Katie O. Selvidge

Katie. O. Selvidge is a storyteller in several mediums - she founded and runs Cottage Hill, she coaches business owners to shape a live more beautiful than their brand, and lives on a ranch in Oklahoma with her family. Whew! How’s that for a list!

Why I Deleted My Instagram Account

On The Creative Well Podcast from Katie O. Selvidge

The Creative Well is so good we’ve got two of Katie’s episodes. Keeping sane in an age of social media is hard. Katie shares her story with Instagram and gives helpful tips for setting good expectations and boundaries while keeping social media in perspective.

Success Secrets to Selling to the Smallest Viable Market

On Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast from Amy Porterfield

If you’ve been around marketing at all, then you know Seth and his ideas and books like Purple Cow and The Dip. In promoting his new book, This is Marketing, Seth has done a few outstanding podcast episodes lately (check out his episode on The Copywriter Club podcast, too!). In this interview with Amy Porterfield he dives into the idea of a “minimum viable audience” and the important of finding a niche - not just being “anyone”.


On Akimbo from Seth Godin

Are you a freelancer? Before you answer, listen to this podcast because it might just have you redefining the title you choose. Seth draws some important distinctions between entrepreneurs and freelancers. Even if you don’t agree with his definitions, it’s worth listening because the characteristics he outlines have implications for how you run your business.

Don’t Fear Placebos

On Akimbo from Seth Godin

What do placebos have to do with business ownership? A lot actually, because as humans we buy placebos all the time. Seth unpacks the theory of placebos, and why they’re not always bad, or even second-rate alternatives to “true cures”.

Why a Money Mindset Matters

On Goal Digger from Jenna Kutcher

There’s a lot of chatter out there about money mindset in our circles. And plenty of chances for you to spend lots of money...just to learn how to feel comfortable with money. In this episode, Jenna breaks it down in a super - simple, easy-to-understand way. There’s no over the top woo-woo visualizations, just her story and perspective on developing a healthy grip on money.

The Feedback Rush

On Hurry Slowly from Jocelyn K. Glei

We all want feedback...especially those of us who are millennials. We need that affirmation - are we doing ok? But seeking external validation has its limits when you’re starting any new venture. Jocelyn walks through how to respond to feedback in a healthy way, and how to give helpful feedback to others.

Bonus episode pick: Who’s Schedule Are You On? With Jason Fried - This episode aired in 2017 but I heard it in 2018, so that counts right? It’s crazy-good and a worthwhile listen especially if you have a team!

The Science of Hunger and Body Love with Kelly Leveque

On The Rise Podcast from Rachel Hollis

Ok this podcast isn’t really business related. But… in a way it is, because if we’re going to spending our days typing away, staring at screens and building something sustainable, we’ve got to take care of our health. In this podcast Kelly Leveque lays out the principles of healthy eating. It’s not a diet, and it’s not even anything revolutionary. But it IS a great reminder of what balanced meals look like, and an encouragement to make nutrition a priority.

Avoiding Common Money Management Pitfalls (and how to price your services)

On Brands that Book from Davey & Krista

Shanna Skidmore takes a gentle but straightforward approach to business finances, sharing the common mistakes new entrepreneurs make, and explaining how to avoid them. Plus - great information here on how to price your services - which can be quite the mystery when you’re just starting out in business!

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