3 Unexpected Copywriting Lessons from Beat Bobby Flay

Copywriting lessons from Beat Bobby Flay

I don't know about you but the Food Network makes up an embarrassingly large percentage of my TV watching. Especially embarrassing because, well, I don't really cook. BUT sometimes my viewing habits pay off, and today is one of those times. I'm going to point out three real, profitable lessons we can all take away from Beat Bobby Flay.

The premise of the show is that each week, Bobby faces a competitor - a carefully chosen chef with experience and credentials. Each week, the contestant challenges Bobby to making the contestant's signature dish, and usually, despite the chosen meal NOT being Bobby's specialty...he still wins.

What can small business owners learn from Bobby's habit of winning? Here are my three top lessons to apply to your website copy today: 

1. Success has a formula

Bobby Flay is known for his complex flavor profiles. But what appears on the surface to be magically complex is actually quite straightforward. 

- He always ensures his dishes have umami heft. 

- He never skimps on the butter. 

- And he always adds an acid to break through heaviness.

Similarly, good copywriting follows formulas. Landing pages might use the AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) formula. Sales pages might use PAS (pain, agitation, solution). Even individual headlines can follow formulas.

Using a formula isn't cheating, and it won't make the end product boring. But formulas DO help save a lot of time - and business owners can always use help saving time.

2. Don't Forget Texture

No matter whether he's making enchiladas, chowder, or dumplings, Bobby never finishes a plate without adding a textural element. Whether it's a confetti of fried wantons, or a sprinkle of chopped peanuts, Bobby always has some crunch.

When in doubt of website content, do a quick edit for texture. Are all your sentences the same length? Do they all follow the same basic structure?




Add short sentence. Use bullet points. Take some of your longer sentences and break them up into shorter ones. Or if you notice that most of your sentences are already brief, add in some colorful details with longer, more narrative sentences. 

Varying your writing style breaks up the page visually, and adds texture for your readers.

3. Always Stay True to Your Brand

Bobby is known for flavor and spice, and he uses those in every single dish he makes on the show. It doesn't matter which kind of cuisine he's making, He always adds his signature flair. For businesses, it can be tempting to copy other people. But keep focused on your own brand. Stay in your lane, with your eyes ahead. Your customers love you for who you are. Departing from your brand voice will only create confusion.

There you have it - three simple copywriting lessons from Mr. Flay. Thanks, Bobby!

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