5 Top Podcasts for New Solopreneurs

5 top podcasts for solopreneurs.jpg

There is a plethora of business and marketing podcasts - some brush the surface and provide little more than inspiration fluff, while other are deep, academic lectures. Whatever your niche in business, there are experts sharing their wisdom through podcasts each week.


Here are 5 of my favorites for on-the-go solopreneurs who need marketing smarts - fast:


1. Startup School from Seth Godin


Words can't describe the impact Seth Godin has had on 21st century marketing. His ideas and frameworks, like "purple cows" and "the dip" have become standard marketing references. In this podcast series, he goes into what it takes to be an entrepreneur. He never talks down to his students, but he does give plenty of straight-talk about the not-so-easy challenges and the perseverance needed to start a successful business.


2. Akimbo


Yes, Seth Godin gets two of the five spots in this list. He's that brilliant.


3. The Goal Digger Podcast


Jenna Kutcher built an empire with online marketing, and in her podcast she shares how she did it. Her episodes are both inspirational and practical, and she mixes in amazing interviews with some awesome fellow female entrepreneurs who are creating amazing impact with their work.


4. Building a StoryBrand


Donald Miller's StoryBrand framework takes long-held marketing ideas and distills them down into an ultra-clear formula. His podcast interviews feature the same heavy emphasis on the importance of storytelling in marketing, and he has a wide variety of guests that bring tremendous insights.


5. Brands that Book


This is a newer podcast on the scene and I'm loving it so far. Davey Jones, one half of the husband-wife company Davey & Krista, brings on guests in the creative industry and shares amazing branding advice with listeners. If you're stumped on how to develop your own unique brand - give this one a listen.


What are your favorites? I'd love to hear your suggestions at anna@annakbradshaw.com.