How Dubsado Has Changed My Business’ Client Experience… and Made My Life Easier


I began my business with zero systems in place. When it came time to send my first proposal, I created it from scratch. When the proposal was approved, I created an invoice from scratch.

Not only was it time consuming, the finished product didn’t give my clients an easy experience.

I set up a PayPal account, and then created invoices within PayPal. But since I also received payment via check, I still wanted to send my own “branded” Word doc invoice.

So I was creating two invoices for every single project!

Not only that, but when I sent it over, my clients had to first open an attached document, and then click a link, and then open the PayPal invoice.

Talk about clunky!

I’d seen a lot of business owners promoting Honeybook, and it was tempting. When I got married, my florist used Honeybook and it worked well for itemizing each piece and including photos so I could envision what I was signing up for.

But, I was nervous about the steep price.

So I started doing research, and I started noticing more reviews for a company called “Dubsado.”

What stuck out to me the most was that the reviews said Dubsado allowed for more branding and customization, and was less clunky than some other CRM systems for small businesses.

I booked a free trial, and haven’t looked back.

Dubsado has completely changed my client experience.

Now when I send over a proposal, the email includes a big, easy button - no more slow-opening email attachments!

I can fully customize the proposal with my logo, on-brand photos, and colors. I’ve even seen business owners incorporate graphics to illustrate their proprietary process in a way that catches client’s eyes.

Once a client is ready to proceed, their directed straight to my contract where they can easily sign online.

(Note here: If you’re still sending over plain pdf documents for your clients to print, sign, scan, and return… you’re overdue for an upgrade!)

After the contract is signed, the invoice automatically appears. You can add custom payment schedules that detail when each payment is due, and you can directly link the invoice to your Stripe account.

What used to be a three (or more!) step process of proposal - contract - invoice has now become an all-in-one experience for clients. It’s so much more efficient!

My clients immediately started giving me feedback on how easy the invoice process was.

And that only scratches the surface of Dubsado’s capabilities.

You can create and send questionnaires - perfect for gathering information at the beginning of the project, OR getting client feedback at the end of a project.

And every time you need to follow-up with a client, you can email them directly through Dubsado and see when they’ve opened your emails and forms.

Oh, and we’re not done yet.

Dubsado has been a big help to me on the backend with their transaction tracking abilities. I add all of my expenses, and then I can view graphic reports on my income, expenses, and profit. I can even export a P&L statement at the touch of a button.

I tell all of my business-owner friends about Dubsado because I truly love it and I’m so glad I discovered it when I did.

I’ve worked with several enterprise CRM systems over the years, and Dubsado easily beats them all.

If you want to give it a try, you can use my affiliate link (promo code: slaytheday) and save 20% on your first month (or 20% your first *year* if you get a yearly subscription!).


P.S. Between now and March 1st, Dubsado is giving away three “forever” memberships! Eek! So now’s definitely a great time to sign up if you’re on the fence about it! Here’s that link again so you can save your 20%.

P.P.S. If you’ve tried business software and run into a maze of slow, unhelpful, or nonexistent customer service, Dubsado is the opposite of that. They have tutorials, free webinars, and near-instant help chat to answer any questions that pop-up! They make it so easy!

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