Highly receommended
— Steve Kessler, Sunrise Premiums Travel Incentives
Copywriter for Packaged foods, snack brands, cosmetics, and skincare, and more.
“A lot lies in the words on your website and how you speak to your ideal client.

I now feel empowered knowing that the language I have speaks directly to who I want to attract clearly and efficiently.”
— Monica Relyea, Luxury Event Planner

Copy that sells is built on the science of human persuasion
and the art of creative brand voice

Hi, I'm Anna Bradshaw, the conversion copywriter for happy brands.

When you work with me, you’ll get copy that's based on real customer data, crafted on proven persuasion frameworks, and written in your unique brand voice.

What that means for your travel business: you’re getting copy that functions as an online sales team that’s closing sales 24/7.

Oh, and your copy never calls in sick or asks for a 401k match.

When you’re selling travel, you’re selling something intangible.

Whether it’s a

  • magazine ad

  • website

  • landing page

  • sales page

  • email newsletter

….you need well-researched messages that speak to your market’s deepest hopes and dreams. Copy that transports your readers to places distant, and near, that will ultimately change who they are as a person. You’re selling a better, more traveled, version of your customer’s own self.

And do do anything that transformative, you need custom copy that’s written specifically for your target market.

If you’re looking for copy that has flavor, and power, you’re in the right place.


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