New product launches take a lot of upfront effort.

Let me take a chunk of that work off of your hands so you can focus wholeheartedly on developing the best offering for your customers.

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I really needed someone to help with copy because I had no clue what to do. She really tapped into “what makes you different” which I really appreciate.
— De Lisa Patterson - Course Creator and Business Coach

No lazy copy here: every funnel element has a job to do.


Long-form sales page

The long-form sales page has a big job. It has to:

  1. Take a problem or vaguely solution-aware prospect and guide them through the process of learning about how your offering can solve their problem

  2. Help readers through the decision process - after all, in a launch setting there’s an offer that’s not going to stick around forever. Readers who sit on the fence will eventually lose out. So a great sales page helps them decide in the moment if this is the right solution for their problem.

How does one page do all this heavy-lifting?

Well, the beauty of hiring a conversion copywriter is that you don’t really have to worry about the detail! But I’ll give you a sneak preview. Winning sales pages include:

  • Vivid, specific copy that connects with readers right where they are - with a problem that needs solving.

  • Success stories that are not too long, not too short - and help share just the right social proof at the right time.

  • Copy that answers questions and objections before readers have even put words to their questioning thoughts.

  • Specific wording that helps bridge the transition from informational copy to persuasive copy.

Landing page

Give the top of your funnel some love with a clear, snappy landing page.

Landing pages to consider:

  • Downloadable freebies that give a taste of your product/course/solution

  • Webinar registration pages - capture the attention of your existing list with an educational free webinar

  • Video series - have free video content pre-recorded and ready to go behind a registration landing page

  • Email courses - Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s valuable. Let’s talk about creating a strategic mini-course

  • Newsletter signups - A lot of marketers have written off plain old email sign-ups, but they’re still going strong!

Email launch sequence

These emails are the vehicles that bring your customers and prospective customers into a place where they’re open to the idea of purchasing your offering.

The “sequence” term isn’t just jargon.

There’s an actual sequence of messages you’ll want to convey in a specific order.

Thankfully, framing those messages is another thing you don’t have to worry about when you hire a conversion copywriter!


The so-easy-you’ll-forget-work’s-getting-done process:


1.  Chat about your ideal launch

We’ll have a 30-minute discovery call so I can learn more about you, your business, and your goals for the outcome of the launch.

2.  Sit back and relax …

…while I work on:

A. Conducting industry research to find the very best ways to speak to your clients right where they’re at.

B. Formulating messaging to clearly convey the unique value of your launch offering

C. Writing all the copy!

3.  Review

Ever good launch gets reviewed before it goes live. We’ll look at the copy together and make it fit your voice and vision.

4.  Start using your brand-new copy

I’ll send you the final copy documents – all yours!

As a bonus, any sales and landing pages will arrive with wireframe layouts you can hand directly to your web designer (or use for reference if you’re DIY’ing the design)

Once your launch is complete, we’ll review the metrics and I’ll give you free consulting on ways to enhance your next launch.



The Details

Timeline:                     6-8 weeks from project start to first draft delivery (ask about rush options if you’re in a crunch)

Investment:       Rates start at $5,000

Custom options:         Totally available – let’s chat about custom package options!

Want more details or wondering if we’d be a good fit? Send me a note at


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