Choose the option that fits your content needs, or contact me to discuss other kinds of copy & content. 

When you work with me on creating copy for your business, we'll start by getting aligned on your brand and your audience, so that everything I write will be completely on brand.

At the end of our process, you'll be able to rest assured, knowing your voice is coming through loud and clear - reaching just the right potential customers.

Along the way, I'll be here to answer any and all questions you have, and while I'm busy researching and writing, you'll have time freed up to focus on the work you do best.


What's copywriting?

Good question! I get asked this all the time.

Copywriting = writing the text that gets people to take action.

It means website copy, launch emails, welcome emails, Facebook ads.... any written content that's designed to build your brand, market your services, and facilitate sales. 

Who are some copywriters I might recognize?

Elaine Benes, Michael Ginsberg, Margie Koch, David Ogilvy, the writers who produce: your bank's newsletter, your church bulletin, every word on copy is all around us!

Who do you work with?

Companies and entrepreneurs who bring joy and delight into the world are my favorite clients:

  • Entrepreneurs in creative fields

  • Wedding-industry service providers

  • Small local businesses

  • Branding agencies / website designers

What's your turnaround time?

Most projects have a two-week turnaround time from signed contract to first-draft delivery. Some projects can be rushed, although fees may apply.

More Questions?

Ask Me Here!


Types of Copywriting Available

Click through each of the categories below to learn more about these writing services, and get in touch to discuss how we can best partner on creating copy for your business.


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Fresh-churned Website Copy

Ensure that your copy connects with your best prospects. The kind of prospects to become your favorite repeat customers.

All of my website copy packages include custom in-depth voice of the customer research to make sure we're hitting the right notes and finding your ideal clients. 


Launch Copy

New product and course launches take a lot of upfront effort on your part.

Let me take a chunk of that work off of your hands so you can focus wholeheartedly on developing the best content for your participants.


Flavor Profile Review

Already have a website that's working...but not sure if it could maybe be a little better? Not sure if it's truly representing the heart of your brand and reaching the clients who really appreciate your values?

Then step right up for a flavor profile review. I'll audit your current copy and give you a bevy of suggestions to spice things up and make sure your brand's true flavors shine.