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As a Small business owner, you keep a lot of plates spinning.

You're the CEO, CFO, COO, CTO.... the whole C-suite. And you're the front-line customer service, logistics, & execution team. Oh, and you have to do all the mid-level management too.

So marketing can understandably take a back seat. You know it's important because, well, selling is the only way you'll stay in this business.

So you build a basic website and upload some awesome product photos.

Then what. 

You know those websites that pop up in search results when you're looking for a plumber, or a painter, or the right venue for a work event... and you can tell they haven't been updated since 1996?

Or those websites that are just too cool for school, with the most amazing graphics. And you're like "man, I wish my site could look like this....". And you're all green with envy realize you can't find a way to contact the business? Or you realize you're not even sure what they're selling?

Don't let your website become one of those.

Unclear messaging will make people bounce out your site and back to Google faster than anything.

So, what can you do about it?

Well you could invest your time and money into becoming an expert copywriter yourself.

It's an area of deep study, and digital best practices are constantly changing, so be prepared to put in some real hours.

Or, you can hire a full-time writer to join your staff.

Delegate everything words-related to them and focus your attention elsewhere. This is a great option for larger businesses - not so practical for just-getting-started companies and entrepreneurs though. 

Sometimes the right words just come to you over time.

With enough sales and years under your belt, you'll probably find it easier to write to your ideal clients, if you already enjoy writing as an activity

But if none of those are practical solutions for you, there has to be another low-investment, quick way to find out if your website copy is on the right track. You need:

  • An outside perspective
  • A professional writer's advice
  • Tangible ways to take what you have and make it better
  • Reassurance that your messages are on-target

Well now you can have all that and more, tailored for your industry and ideal clients, and delivered with a quick turnaround.

Introducing: The Anna Bradshaw Signature Website Audit 

Your first stop for up-leveling your website copy from meh to marvelous. 

If you feel you've reached a dead end with ideas for the words on your site, it's time for a fresh pair of expert eyes. 

The Signature Brand Audit is an amped up version of asking your friends to give you honest feedback - it's my fresh eyes and honest thoughts, which are based on extensive knowledge of digital marketing best practices. Plus I do custom research for each audit client to help you get clearer on your own brand goals and your ideal clients. And then I help you identify what those ideal clients are talking about, what they're looking for, and how you can speak directly to their needs and wants.


Ok, but why should I try this audit?

You've tried DIY'ing your web copy already. Or maybe you've even hired someone to write it for you. But it's lacking some spark. It's time to get an audit. A lot of website audits are only a quick take. Yes they might provide some value based on the auditor's first impressions, but that's the extent of what you get.

Not with Anna Bradshaw's Audit. This is a full-custom research, review, and writing service. You'll receive:

  • Custom Brand Questionnaire to help you get at the core of your own message, goals, and ideal clients
  • A discovery call to chat through your specific goals for your site
  • My time in researching your industry's current offerings, and figuring out what your ideal clients are looking for.
  • Suggestions for how to re-vamp your website's copy to attract more visitors and turn them into paying customers.
  • Actual sample headlines and copy for your main pages

But more than that, you'll get the confidence of knowing your site is optimized. 

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I second guess my work all the time,

Anna gave me the knowledge and expertise 

paired with some editing advice, new copy and creative wording 

to make my site even better, and 


I feel so much more confident that my site rules!!

- Jessica Farrell, owner of Royal Bee Florals and Events

The signature audit is especially perfect for you if...

  • You're an entrepreneur or small business owner
  • You have a website but it's a little rough around the edges
  • Your website is overdue for updated copy
  • Your website seems to be working, but you think the copy could be's lacking personality right now

Here's how it works

The whole audit is designed to be clear, simple, and - on your side, easy breezy. 

  1. Get in Touch
  2. If we're a good fit, we'll sign a contract
  3. We'll do a brief discovery call to set clear priorities for the audit
  4. I'll send over an easy, but in-depth brand questionnaire (Don't worry - it's only one page)
  5. I'll conduct in-depth industry research to find out where your ideal clients are hanging out, what they're looking for, and how you can set your company apart in a crowded marketplace
  6. You'll receive a pdf audit summary including all of my recommendations and sample copy that you can cut and paste into your website immediately, or edit as needed.
  7. You'll get any questions you have answered.
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"I am Blown Away by your feedback. you are fantastic at this."

Vanessa Salle, Photogrpaher


Don't go another day uncertain about your website


Your investment of $299 gets you all of the benefits listed above.

Still concerned? If you're not completely satisfied, you'll get your money back - no questions asked. 

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Do It! totally worth it!! if you'rE feeling like your copy and site could be better, then it probably can!

call Anna!

- Jessica Farrell, owner of Royal Bee Florals and Events