“I don’t like writing about myself”

“I’m too close to the work to be able to explain it to new readers”

“I don’t have the budget to hire a copywriter”

^^Do any of these sound like you?^^

Writing copy for your website can be downright difficult.

So we’ve got a solution for that’ll make D-I-Y’ing your website copy as easy as pie… easier than pie actually, those crusts are tricky!


The Small Business Owner’s Recipe for Website Copy

Scoop up your Website Copy Recipe today get everything you need to write copy that connects with your ideal clients.

Copywriting D-I-Y Guide

This downloadable guide walks you through each page of your site and gives you guided exercises to make sure your’e making the most of the attention your site gets, and turning that attention into paying clients.

The copywriting techniques included are data-driven and based on conversion best practices. And they’re all explained in down-to-earth, easy-to-implement steps.

No need to block off a full week to re-write your whole site.

With the Recipe, you’ll be able to give each page a makeover as you have time.

Business Owner Recipe for Website Copy.png

Inside, you’ll learn:

  1. How to hook ideal prospects immediately with powerful homepage copy

  2. The secret sauce of great About pages (they’re important! And often the second-most visited page on your site!)

  3. The ingredients your product descriptions need to transform from boring text blocks into digital salespeople

  4. How to optimize the small bits of copy on every page to truly make your site user-friendly  

The Recipe is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve built your own website and it’s converting, but not as well as you know it could.

  • Your site is brand new, and you’re not sure if the copy you’ve written will actually work.

  • You’re in the planning stages of a new site, and unsure of how to write your main pages.


Should I try to D-I-Y my copy, or do I need to hire a copywriter?

If you’re already in business, selling products to real customers, I highly recommend hiring a copywriter. Nothing replaces having a professional dive into your business and create your copy.

However, I know that copywriters aren’t in everyone’s budget, or timeline.

So for those who are either brand new in business, or just can’t invest in professionally written copy at the moment, I think giving it a go yourself is perfectly acceptable.

You’ll find helpful resources for writing copy on my blog, and this Recipe was developed especially for business owners in your shoes.

How long will it take me to work through the Recipe?

You could work through it in a weekend, or in a couple blocked days. But I know it can feel impossible to find full days to set aside for special projects. Because of the way I’ve divided the sections in the guide, you could also work through them one by one.

Just promise me you’ll get through all of them within the first month, ok? If you don’t optimize you’re copy, you’ll be leaving money on the table.

I’m not a good writer - will the Recipe still help me?

Yes! The lovely thing about copywriting is that it isn’t writing in the fancy literature sense. Instead it’s about sharing clear messages - and in the Recipe I spell out what those messages should be.

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Are you ready to step up your website game?

As soon as you purchase your copy, you’ll get an email with your download link. It’s easier than ordering a burger from GrubHub. And gives you value that lasts way longer…

Oh, and did I mention… it’s less than $50 - a small fraction of my lowest writing and even audit rates.

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Click the yellow GET MY RECIPE button and the secure, easy Stripe checkout box will take it from there! ↓


Important note: Due to the nature of the product, purchases are non-refundable. But remember, any questions you have along the way, I’ll be happy to personally answer! It’s about as risk-free as you can get.

Earnings disclaimer: The Scoop Shop LLC, dba Anna Bradshaw Copywriting makes no claims or guarantees for how you use the information included in this product, or the outcomes of how you use it. All content is for information purposes only.