Get the Website Audit and Taste Test Your Copy


The Flavor Profile Review process is designed especially for entrepreneurs who already have websites, but are tired of writing copy and feeling insecure and unsure about the results.

Getting this easy-breezy audit means:

  • No need to continue re-writing the same content over and over.

  • No need to invest in costly in-depth training courses when you have other more core-business practices to spend your time on.

  • No need to shy away from sharing your URL with pride.

THE EXCLUSIVE Ingredients INCLUDED IN YOUR Flavor Profile Review:

  • A deep-dive brand discovery worksheet

You'll go through this questionnaire worksheet at the beginning of the process so we can both be on the same page about who your ideal clients are, and the ways you love to serve them.

  • Custom industry research

I use the techniques honed in years of prospect research and training to find your prospective clients, and learn what they're looking for, and where their pain points are - the very pain points that your product or service solves.

  • A 30-minute coaching call to review the recommendations

I'll click through all the pages and links and share tangible advice and easy-to-implement action steps for you to uplevel your copy immediately. Plus, you'll get a pdf review document to keep as a reference.

  • Three done-for-you headline/tagline ideas

Whether they fit best on your homepage, or it's your service page that needs a boost, I'll send pre-written headlines that fit your brand personality - ready for you to paste right into your website: easy-peasy.

Don't doubt your palate, get your flavor taste-tested today.


Total investment: $799


“I am Blown Away by your feedback. you are fantastic at this.”

— Vanessa Salle, Photographer


"Do It! Totally worth it!! If you're feeling like your copy and site could be better, then it probably can! Call Anna!"

— Jessica Farrell, Owner or Royal Bee Florals and Events