Selling a product?

A real, physical one that fits in a box?

Need words to explain how awesome it is?

Then let’s talk conversion copywriting!

Copywriter for Ecommerce Companies

If you run a consumer product business and you’re looking for:

● Website copy

● Email funnels & newsletters

● Ecommerce product descriptions

● Catalog copy

● Sales pages

  • …then you're in the right place. 

I'm Anna Bradshaw, and I work with thriving businesses to create copy that doesn't just look pretty, but actually sells more of your products to the consumers who want them. Get to know me here.

Not a regular copywriter

When you work with me, you’re not just hiring a writer.

You’re getting copy that’s a perfect blend of sales strategy and brand flavor.


Research, Research, Research

I’ll assess your project and assign the best methodology for your particular needs. It may involve customer surveys, client interviews, heatmaps, or market testing. I’ve got a box of research tools at the ready to help you find just what the will, intent, pain points, and goals of your ideal customers are.

Only once we have that foundation will we move forward into the next phase of creating your copy.


Conversion Strategy

Your business messaging isn’t the place to just wing it.

Instead, I build your copy on proven structures and persuasion frameworks.

Because your copy is too important to leave to chance.


Creative Energy

You’re offering something unique, and giving your customers something in a way no one else on this planet ever could.

I work with clients who are willing to put their personality out there, knowing that a flavorful brand is the key to attracting the right clients.


Copy Menu - Today’s Specials


Website Copy w/All the Toppings…

… copy that reflects what your brand means. It's not just a pretty way to show off your products - your website is the first thing someone sees when they google the answer to their problem!

Present ‘em with a sundae of solutions. 


Product Descriptions on a Stick…

…that’ll have carts zooming to checkout. I love working with ecommerce companies to find what exactly makes their offering different than alllll the others on the market.

Armed with that insight, I'll deliver product descriptions that convert.

Email Sequences as Welcome as Cones on a Summer Day…

…and have customers scrambling to get in on your promotions before they melt away. Gone are the days when email "newsletters" were in style. Now the trend is to either abandon the inbox for social media, or go all in on many-a-day hard-hitting sales emails. Thankfully, you don't have to do either. 

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I seriously can’t express how much anxiety was lifted after working with Anna.
— Monica Relyea, Monica Relyea Events
I needed wording to convey a clear message to my customers. She nailed it.
— Shea Bailey, Bailey Shea Designs
Anna wrote amazing content for my site. In my voice!!!
— Katie Simopoulos, 97 Films
Highly Recommended
— Steven Kessler, Sunrise Premiums

Goodbye, stale copy